Billy Heh strives to:

  • Create a fun atmosphere for kids where they can laugh and learn.
  • Create a performance where participation is encouraged.
  • Teach kids that they can be anything they want to be if they put their mind to it.
  • Bring back the popularity of magic by combining art forms of magic with art forms of the theater to create a unique style of magic show.
  • Boggle the mind with grand magic while dazzling the senses with spectacles of comedy.
  • Combine scripted theatrical skits with the arts of magic creating a performance that embraces the heart, electrifies the senses, and tickles the funny bone.
  • To create performances both enjoyable to the audiences and rewarding for the cast and crew.
  • Encourage creative thinking while working collectively with a group toward a common goal.
  • Challenge audiences to open their imaginations and marvel at huge spectacle, but also admire at the arts of theme and theater taking magic to new exciting levels.