Billy Heh is one to believe life is full of miracles. At the age of 9, Billy’s life was almost taken away from him due to a life threatening accident. Just when there seemed to be no hope as he lay in coma, Billy’s magic within shined through as he woke from his deep sleep. He knew that the road to recovery in front of him would be a long and tough one but he chose to fight rather than falter. After 3 years of extensive rehab including learning how to walk and talk again, Billy bounced back eager to live knowing he had a purpose to fill in the world.

It was during this time of rehab that Billy gained a love for magic and comedy. He previously had an interest in the spectacle and excitement of the stage but never had the means to pursue this dream until after his accident. Billy could not play any contact sports after the accident because of injury, and needed a hobby. Magic was the answer.

Starting off with simple routines such as coin disappearances, card manipulation, and slight of hand Billy learned the basics to excel in the art of magic. After learning these basic phantasms, he had the knowledge to spread his wings, take off, and never look back. Magic was going to take him down avenues he never knew.

It was later when Billy decided he needed a stage name. He had his first stage performance at the age of 12 and wanted a name for people to remember him by. He wanted something unique. He thought long and hard but was unable to find a memorable name that suited him. It was then when a young spectator approached Billy to thank him for the show he had just performed. “Magic Bill, thank you for the great show. I had a lot of fun.” That was it. After that, Billy would use the name that the children would most remember him by, Magic Bill. After his first stage debut, the name stuck and Billy knew then that in the lime light was where he needed to be.

After many years of hard work and practice, Magic Bill wanted to further his influence on the community. He not only wanted kids of all ages to join in the fun of magic, but learn why magic can be so special to others around us. Television was the solution. Billy created a TV show that he knew not only was exciting for families to watch, but was also educational. He called it “Magic Bill and Friends.”

Magic Bill and Friends is an educational children’s TV show that educates kids to use their talents to brighten life around them. Magic Bill knew that he had the ability to make families laugh, and he wanted to teach kids to follow in his example. Billy has always enjoyed inspiring kids to use their talents, and through his TV show, he encourages kids of all ages to use their talents to create magic in everyday life. Through the means of television Magic Bill, along with his friends, encourage kids to practice their talents as much as possible to use them to brighten life around them. Magic Bill strives to create an atmosphere for kids where they can laugh and learn, and on his TV Show, participation is encouraged and embraced. Magic Bill finds that the best way for kids to learn and have fun is to participate in the process. Kids are taught not to be afraid of trying new things and that by using your talents, you can make magic with a special friend every day. You do not need to be a magician to work magic. Magic is a part of everyday life, and you use your talents to enrich life around you.

16 years after his first steps into the realm of magic, Magic Bill strives to create a show unlike any spectacle anyone has ever experienced in the theater, or on Television. A recent performance graduate from Ithaca College, Magic Bill combines his theater training with the art of magic creating a performance that embraces the heart, electrifies the senses, and tickles the funny bone.